Meet Gabriella Kreuz

Sometimes life has a funny way of throwing you a curveball when you are looking for a fastball right down the middle. That is exactly what happened COVID-19 happened for Gabriella Kreuz. She was laid off from her work with the Cleveland Indians. Like the pro that she is she handled it with grace and […]

Behind The Scenes Of Life As A Minor League Baseball Player

While the Los Angeles Dodgers are vying for the World Series Championship, ever wonder the path the players take to make it to the big leagues? We did. Meet Jimmy Titus. He’s like any other 20-something guy but when he wakes up, he exudes baseball excellence. We first met Jimmy back in July through “Adopt […]

The Problem with Covid-19 Containment in the NFL

The NFL is heading into Week 6 of its season this weekend, and we have already seen massive shakeups. Many fans (and even some players) are in doubt about if this season will finish on time and if it even should have started to begin with. Consistent positive Covid-19 tests along with a massive outbreak […]


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