Meet Sarah Spain

If you’ve ever tuned into ESPN, or read anything published on ESPN, or are even a fan of the ESPN podcast and/or radio network, you more likely than not know who Sarah Spain is. The incredibly talented and versatile Sarah Spain has cemented herself as a household name in the sports media world. The workContinue Reading

Meet Erica McCall!

WNBA ratings have continued to be on the rise in the league’s 25th season, and this rise in viewership is long overdue. The talent, entertainment, and all-stars have always been there, and it’s about time they put everyone on notice. I had the incredible opportunity of being able to sit down and chat with EricaContinue Reading

In the Community with 2020 MLS Cup Champs Columbus Crew

Columbus Crew and Crew Soccer Foundation hosted a soccer clinic for Columbus City School students on Wednesday, May 25th, 2021. The clinic was held at the Eakin Elementary mini pitch which first opened in 2019. Students had the opportunity to run drills and play a match with the new skills they learned during the day.Continue Reading

5 Big Moments for the 2021 WNBA Season

May 14th marked the beginning of the new WNBA season. For those that are unaware, it is the 25th year for the league. The league has grown over the years and has become something truly amazing. Last season was played in a bubble in Florida due to Covid, with the Seattle Storm winning it allContinue Reading


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